The Itan

- Won 2017 CPDI Design Competition -

Let's us Introduce


The concept was generated from the inter- penetrating volumes of different gourd volumes.


Inspired by creating a symbol of african unity and with benin bronze and african motiv on countries map outline


Putting a stop to XENOPHOBIA in Africa, singing the song of African’s heroes and giving africa a voice.


A unique facade engineering that is to be created locally to create jobs for africans.

Mix-use higrise

The design is a mix-use development with multi level parking, children play areas, shops, cinemas, food court, open plan offices, culture & performance art, exhibition & museum, sky court& green roofs.

Concept Narration

The Video below narrates the concept and design solution that THE ITAN is offering and providing.

" ITAN "

A Yoruba word that means Story of an historical event of the past. THE ITAN narrates African history of the past colonial era, her present situation and her future.


From the exterior facade you can see different african countries map outline filled with different African’s motiv as a symbol to unite african and stop XENOPHOBIA.

Unity facade

The Unity facade technology is designed to be unique with locally crafted bronze panels with different africans map outline with motiv. Also has ensures the building is cool due its ability to move air through the facade panel design.

African's beauty and elegance.



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